Below are some testimonials discussing a range of building and construction projects from our client's. A big thanks to all those who sent these through.

Jeff and Rachel, Engadine

To Neil, Allan and all the labourers and sub-contractors,

Just wanted to say a huge 'thankyou' for all the fantastic work that you all put into our renovation at Engadine. We are really pleased with the result, and impressed with the professionalism and ease in which it all took place. We certainly won't hesitate to recommend you to friends and family in the future!

Kind Regards
Jeff and Rachel, Engadine

Wendy, Erskineville

Like most people we'd heard all the scary stories about builders and all the things that can go wrong with a renovation. I watched Neil work on a good friend's renovation and saw first hand what it was like to have a really great builder on the job. I was so taken by his dedication to getting everything just right that I didn't hesitate to hire him for our own renovation and I wasn't disappointed.

What could have been an extremely stressful time was in fact more a pleaseure. We are so happy with the results that we happily recommend him to anyone looking to do any building work - large or small. Thanks Neil!

Wendy, Erskineville

Amy, Haberfield

Doing our first renovation was a scary prospect... you can only hope that this person is going to be the right person for the job and as we said a few times, hope that we don't end up on 'A Current Affair' with a story from... hell, and all our money in the toilet. That scenario couldn't be further from truth.

Neil, right from the beginning, was polite, careful, honest, hardworking, reliable and most importantly had an eye for detail. Never once did we have to come home and find something poorly done or in the wrong place. It just wouldn't happen that way on Neil's watch. Whether it was his team, or the subbies that he brought in, everyone was professional and left the site with the job done right.

We lived on the premises during our renovation and some people said that this would be a nightmare. But because Neil and his team were such nice guys, it was actually really reassuring having them around when our house was half built around us. We did our renovation in two stages, over 18 months and were always glad to see Neil back to make our house even more fantastic. The end result has been everything we hoped for and more. We are so happy with everything that has been done that it really is our dream home.

I have sonce recommended Neil to a close friend who wanted to renovate the entire back half of her house. Her renovations are almost finished now and she is as happy as I was - not only with the end result, but the whole process of wroking with Neil.

I will go on recommending Neil to anyone who asks is we know a good builder!

Amy, Haberfield

Catharine and Darren, Bondi Junction

To Whom It May Concern,

We would like to recommend Neil Redwood as a builder of great skill, experience and reliability.

Neil agreed to renovate our terrace in January, undertaking to finish a job which involved every room of our four bedroom house being reworked in six months.

It was a particularly wet winter but Neil clocked only two rain days. He agreed to add landscaping - including a retaining wall to the project. Substantial unforseen repairs to the 100-year-old structure were also undertaken. The extra work took just six more weeks and we are now very happily living in what is really a new house.

Neil established an extremely professional and cooperative relationship with our architect, Catherine, and his team were courteous, hard-working and professional. The site was clearly a happy one.

We could tell we had found a builder who enjoyed hard work when we arrived on site in week one. And it was always impeccably tidy.

Neil put a lot of thought into his work, solving a number of challenging problems along the way.

We would be happy to invite Neil to build for us again and can recommend him with confidence. We welcome discussing his work further and can be contacted through Neil.

Catharine and Darren, Bondi Junction